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League Subsidized Private Pitching Lessons

By North Shore League, 02/13/18, 8:45AM PST


Thank you for your interest in the North Shore Girls Softball League Pitching Program. The recreational portion of our season is about instruction, learning the rules of the game, and opportunities for every girl to play multiple positions while having fun. Pitchers are the foundation of the league, and NSGSL is committed to developing pitchers. As such, we have established a Pitching Program to advance the skills of interested players through league-subsidized private pitching lessons for players willing to make the commitment of developing their pitching skills.

Pitching Program

Players participating in the program will receive four 30-minute lessons over a period of four consecutive weeks from an NSGSL-approved pitching coach (listed below). NSGSL will provide a subsidy of $40 (4 lessons @ $10 per lesson) to be paid directly to the parent after completion of the 4 lessons. Pitching coaches have different rates. Parents will be responsible for the pitching coachʼs full per-lesson rate, prior to receiving the subsidy. Parents and pitching coaches will work together to develop a schedule and plan for each player. Players are eligible for one series of four subsidized lessons during the Spring season. Registered Fall Ball players may be eligible for another four subsidized lessons in the Fall.


Player and parents must commit to taking one 30-minute lesson per week for four consecutive weeks and must practice pitching at least twice a week for 30 minutes each session without the instructor. Pitcher must provide a catcher during lessons. Pitching requires repetition and practice and NSGSL is looking for players who are motivated! Player and parents will be required to complete Attachment A.

Click here for more information on this program and a list of approved private pitching coaches.