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North Shore Tide

Divisions 8U to 14U

The NS Tide program allows North Shore Girls Softball players to form teams to play at a more competitive level outside of the All-Star season.  This is not a replacement for Rec season participation, but in addition to the Rec season, and all players wishing to participate in an NS Tide team must be registered for Rec season. This is a bring-your-own-team program.  All NS Tide teams must be disbanded by March 31st. No NS Tide team may be re-formed without North Shore Exec Board approval. 


NS Tide is an opportunity for players to gain additional competitive softball experience outside of the All Star season.

How to form an NS Tide Team?

Any North Shore Manager wishing to form an NS Tide team will need to be approved by the North Shore Executive Board. They should submit their request to form a team to the Exec Board for approval. All Managers must be able to show they have a high level of softball knowledge and coaching experience. They must be able to commit to the additional requirements and time needed to field an NS Tide team.

Players on NS Tide Teams

All players on the NS Tide teams MUST be registered for the North Shore Rec Season for the current or upcoming season. All NS Tide team players are required to attend Rec practices and games. In the event that an NS Tide player is not attending Rec season practices and games the North Shore Exec Board may assert that the player no longer be allowed to participate on the NS Tide team.

Manager Responsibilities

The NS Tide team manager will be responsible for coordinating all financial requirements, scheduling, team selection and overall team management, etc.  Fees for this program will be funded by the NS Tide’s team players and handled directly with their NS Tide manager.  The manager will need to make sure all fees that are collected are used entirely for their NS Tide team. They will be responsible for working and communicating with the North Shore Board and handling any issues that may arise. They will need to make sure their teams are always following the North Shore Code of Conduct and representing the league.  They will also be required to make sure their players are also attending their Rec practices and games. 

Assistance from North Shore Girls Softball

The North Shore League will support NS Tide teams at all times possible. The League will provide field space and lights for practices and games  when available, equipment, USA Softball registration, and insurance. Once Rec season teams are formed, NS Tide teams should only practice and meet on Sundays. The League will also provide a contact for arranging umpires, and will arrange the uniforms for purchase. The League will approve a single uniform design to be used for all NS Tide teams. The NS Tide teams will be responsible for collecting money from each participant to pay for the above mentioned items and any additional cost the team may incur. If at anytime the North Shore Exec Board feels that a NS Tide team is not representing North Shore appropriately or meeting its requirements North Shore Girls Softball reserves the right to disband the team. 

NS Tide Interest List Registration

To register a player on the NS Tide interest list for consideration for a Tide team, please click here.

If you are interested in managing a team or have questions, email